Atlann Prime [An Odyssey] (Original Mix)

by Abe Van Dam

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Dear Darryl,
You were my friend, my comrade, and at times - my leader.
I trusted you and that trust was instrumental in my own psychological recovery... something I tried to reciprocate back to you.
At times our friendship was strained, but we both had that ultimate faith in each other - a faith that... yes, each of us would once again come around and see the reality light.
Reality: a commodity that we both had in multi-dimensional aesthetic. You further evolved than me with that propensity for layered and an eccentric view of the world and its enveloping universe. Yours, an alternative universe that you were creating (created?)... of which I was happy to listen to you about and deliberate its broad spiritual potential. That magical place was (is?) Atlann Prime - the place of afterlife existence where the creative prosper and find nirvana surrounded with their earthly work.
Your 1000 year plan to change the world.
Cloning after cloning if need be... to succeed at your ultimate goal: the earth to enjoy their worldly preliminary goodness and creativity which is to translate into a fulfilled and exciting afterlife. This life is, as I understand, just the beginning of something bigger - something ultimately satisfying... that if the world's populace is to be in agreement on its qualities... peace will prevail.
Your lesson: to embrace life - at its fullest.
Music - a bond that we shared.
Music - the reason we met.
Music - the thing that was the ultimate tie to each other...
Electronic music - dance music... Your trance juxtaposed to my darker progressive. Your ethereal synthesizer melodies that you would endlessly listen to compared to my darker grind of rolling stabs. All, that quite honestly, was complimentary given our respect for each other's tastes. I knew enough that trance was your inspiration - your escape. I would smile as you would turn that music up, so to keep me up at night... but, I didn't mind for the most part. You were at peace in the trance - the sounds that made you creative and enthused about the creative process.
Trance: the music you chose to DJ. It's the music you mixed and it was always of good quality of a true aficionado who listened carefully and intently for what is the best. You had a passion for music of which I respected and delighted in sharing and talking about... all of which we would play so you could share your most recent compilation venture.
I continued with an open ear to what (generally) saw-tooth oscillating music you were going to play next...
To me, forever - you Darryl... will be trance to me.
Thanks, Darryl.
Thank you for supporting my art.
Thank you for attempting to lead me back to the outside world.
Thank you for ideas on existence.
Thank you for your insight on my personality, my idiosyncrasies, and my pain.
Thank you for meals when I wouldn't feed myself.
Thank you for setting my mind at ease when my demons would surface.
Thank you for your writings - something you were madly passionate about.
Thank you for your imagination.
Thank you for so many things.
You are going to be dearly missed.
My friend, my comrade, and at times - my leader.
My brother.
Atlann Prime: see you there.


released December 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Abe Van Dam Ottawa, Ontario

Creative freedom...

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